A single mobile app to manage your currency exchange Display Boards!

Intuitive to use and quick 1-minute setup using your smart TV as the currency exchange Display Board (requires WIFI). Improve your operations with centralized Screen updates and provide a professional image to your customers.

About ForexBoard

ForexBoard is a mobile app solution to effectively manage your currency exchange TV Display Boards. You will only need to use a single mobile app to control and update one or multiple TV Display Screens.

Perfect for currency exchange centers with a single Branch or with multiple Branche locations!


  • A single Apple IOS mobile device to centrally control all your FOREX Display Screens
  • Real time Forex Rates via manual updates using WIFI internet.
  • Centrally manage multiple Smart TV Displays in a single Branch or for multiple Branches

Price Options

Monthly subscription recurring charges via in-app purchases

Price (US$) Currency Screen
FREE 6 1
19.99 Unlimited 2
29.99 3
39.99 5
49.99 8
59.99 10
69.99 12
79.99 15
89.99 20
99.99 25

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